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I'm writing this entry based on my own experience. At the beginning, I facing several problems such as firmware not suitable, touch screen did not function after upgrade and etc. Almost give up lah di buatnyer..  but after try and error,  its successfully done. (Bak kata Nabil RL) I neo it!... I neo it!!! Its will come to U..... Before dis, I sold a few models of Chinese tablet such as MID E18, SV27A and M009S. Just purchased via online from the factory in China.


This kind of format/ upgrade process suitable for generally, all tablet origin from China but the firmware only suitable for 7" Chinese Tablet powered by VIA 8650 800MHz (CPU) and Android 2.2 Froyo for operating system.

Problem can be solved by this method is SCREEN FREEZE... when the android robot just play around (dance or stand) without loading anymore. Follow the process step by step.. GOOD LUCK...

Turn on

Freeze Robot


Download New Firmware here 7" VIA8650 M009S 06.11.rar. Once done, U extract rar file and will see like this---->

click folder M009S_06.11 and U will see this--->



  • Copy Folder FirmwareInstall and wmt_scriptcmd to ur empty Memory Card (Micro SD).
  • Plug in power adapter along upgrade process to make sure there r no battery failure.
  • Insert Micro SD to the slot and turn on ur device.
  • U will see the robot will show up.. and then they shift to next view that showing the upgrade process.
Micro SD

Plug In Power Adapter

Upgrade in progress- 5 minute

Finished: Please remove installation media (Micro SD
  • After removed SD card, device will restart automatically.
  • Screen will appear new factory data.
  • Done
Check ur TOUCH SCREEN.. work or not


In-case, Ur Screen not functioning or reacting to any user touch, its caused of diff decoder chip that u hve in ur device. So need to edit some of the firmware files. There're 2 diff versions of 8650 tablets, using a diff touchscreen decoder chip.

  • vt603
  • uor615x
Please make a following changes files in the Micro SD :

Click to env folder

Open env_uboot 

Open with Notepad for editing

Make Change
  • Change from  setenv 1:vt1603:2:800:480 to  setenv 1:uor615x:0:800:480  
  • Upgrade device-----> Step 1 & 2  
  • If still not working, i believe that ur touchscreen decoder chip may diff from this 2 
  • Good Luck

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  1. Olá, o meu é o mesmo tablet, já está com a configuração 1:uor615x:0:800:480 mas mesmo assim não funciona. O que eu Faço?


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